Weld Inspection

Welding Inspection

ACS Testing has the resources  to staff any size project with experienced and professional inspection personnel. These highly skilled men and women have been selected for their diversity of knowledge and for their ability to work with clients to achieve our goal to be the best we can be.Our team currently consists of over 60 inspectors with more than ninety percent that hold multiple inspection certifications in various aspects of construction.

Weld plates for weld tests

D1.1 limited
D1.1 unlimited
No matter where your project is we can provide inspection for welding in the field  or in a fabrication shop. We have the expertise, experience and the personnel to handle your job and do correctly and report it accurately. Our reports are on your desk no later than 2 days within the date of inspections. Normally it is the same day or the next. But we would rather tell you the worst case scenario, rather than mislead our clients.
Sheet Metal

Rebar Welding

FCAW Welding

When welding rebar there are several things the inspector needs to be aware of. For instance there are no pre qualified weld procedures when welding rebar. The procedure must be qualified and the rebar must have a CE of less than .55%.
If the material test reports are not available then precautions must be taken to ensure that the weld will perform as designed.The inspector needs to identify the rebar as being ASTM A 706. Welders need to be certified per AWS D1.4.
Flux core arc welding (FCAW) is a type of welding that utilizes a hollow core wire that has flux inside of it. FCAW allows for a bigger wire size and the use of higher heat which enables the welding of thicker materials. Flux core arc welding for both steel and stainless steel. Fabricator companies want nothing, but the best professionals in their field for FCAW welding to ensure customer satisfaction.