One of the largest applications of ultrasonic testing in NDT is weld inspection. Techniques vary due to weld material, weld thickness, weld process and even code requirements. Weld inspection by standard ultrasonic methods (manual contact testing) is usually restricted to joining of plates with thicknesses of 5/16” or more. The greater refracted angles used for thinner welds can veritably flood the piece with sound. Surface waves, mode conversions off lobes, divergence and near zone effects can all provide misleading signals. An ultrasonic technique for weld inspection should investigate the total weld volume plus a region either side of the weld considered to be the heat affected zone. When geometry permits, the weld should be inspected from at least two sides. A normal beam scan is usually performed over the metal on which the shear wave probe will traverse. This provides thickness information and indicates areas where plate laminations might exist and interfere with the shear wave beam.
​Magnetic Particle Testing, also referred to as MT Testing and Magnaflux Testing, identifies surface flaws in metal products that can be magnetized. Magnetic particle testing is performed with either a wet solution or dry powder containing small magnetic iron particles. When these small particles are applied to the surface of the test material, either during or after magnetization, they will be attracted to the magnetic field. The attraction to the magnetic field causes the particles to accumulate in flaws such as cracks, laps and seams, where they will be visible to a trained and certified NDT Inspector.

​Dye Penetrant

inspection, also called liquid penetrant inspection, is a dependable, harmless method of finding surface flaws in products and parts. Dye penetrant inspection can be successfully performed on metal.
ACS Testing Inc. performs liquid penetrant inspection to ASTM E1417 and offers two types of inspections: Visible dye penetrant inspection Fluorescent penetrant inspection. Our inspectors have the knowledge and experience to provide you with accurate information so that you can make an intelligent decision.